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FOOD! FOOD! and more FOOD! Yes, I am back with another blog focusing on some of the famous Spanish cuisine. I have been eating this food ever since I have arrived in Seville. Literally everyday I eat so much food and try so many different types of food I am impressed by how much I am able to eat. Coming from the states as an athlete in college I was use to having to eat a lot of food, but I was a very picky eater. I stuck to a pretty strict diet of chicken, rice, a couple of veggies and fruits, bagels, oatmeal, pasta, pizza, greek yogurt, and PB&J's. Now every once in a while I would switch somethings up but for the most part that was my diet throughout college. I was picky I did not like certain types of vegetables or fruits, I disliked fish, and didn't like eggs. I would say these three things are eaten a lot here in Spain, so I thought I was going to struggle to eat. But that was not the case, I absolutely love Spanish food and I eat so much of it. I am able to eat pretty much every type of vegetables and fruits. I also eat a lot of dished with eggs in them, but I still avoid fish which is fine because I eat tons of pork. 

For students coming abroad in the future I would not be worried about your food situation there is plenty of different types of food you can enjoy and SAIIE host families are awesome in accommodating to your preferences. 

Below are some famous Spanish foods you should enjoy while in Seville or surrounding areas. 

Tortilla de Patatas or Spanish omelette is a famous dish in Spain and is one of my favorites, it is basically an omelet with chopped potatoes.

Gazpacho is a cold soup that is made of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, oil, and vinegar. It sounds similar to tomato soup but I don't like tomatoes so I am not a fan of Gazpacho.

Solomillo al Whiskey is my favorite dish in Sevilla. I love solomillo al whiskey. It is just pork tenderloins served on chopped potatoes served with a garlic whiskey sauce.

Plato de Iberian Jamon is just a plate of dry ham. It is so good and a must try in Spain

Flamenquin is a dish not popular in Sevilla, but very popular in Córdoba. It is a Spanish dish that consist of ham slices and cheese all wrapped in pork loin cutlets and eggs and deep-fried in hot oil. This was also a very good dish.
Croquetas another one of my favorite meals. It consists of mashed potatoes, and pieces of ham or fish wrapped in wheat bread and deep-fried. 

Another very popular meals in Spain are fish, which I don't like any types of fish so I cant comment on that. Also during the summer snail is very popular, which I have not tried yet but plan to in the future.

These are just a couple popular meals you can enjoy while in Spain. All of them are very good in way different foods than the United States, which was cool to experience. But through SAIIE you get to live with a host family, which gives you the opportunity to eat a wide variety of home-made Spanish Cuisine.

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