First weekend in Seville


I'm back blogging for the second time about my first weekend in Seville. What an wonderful and exciting weekend it was. Over the weekend I got a do a variety of activities as well as meet a bunch of new people and practice my Spanish a little bit. 

The weekend started on Friday, when I was introduce to my internship for the semester for the first time. One reason I wanted to participate in SAIIE and EUSA is because they give their students the opportunity for other opportunities other than just taking classes. I was given the opportunity to get an internship at Museo del Baile Flamenco, which I am very excited for as it will be a very new experience for me as I don't know anything about Flamenco or dance in general. On Friday, I was able to meet Museum team and get a tour of the whole Museum. The tour was awesome to see because I was able to learn a little history about Flamenco. After I finished at the Museum I then attended the SAIIE welcome lunch, where I was able to meet the other students studying through the same program as I. Unfortunately, I don't have any classes with any of them so this was really my first time meeting them all besides my roommate. The other people studying in the SAIIE program are: Sam Stanslaski, and Meghan Wieczorek who come from the school University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, Lily Maggio and Mckenzie Kauffman who come from the school High Point University, and lastly I met another student from University of Wisconsin-Platteville name Will Kealy. It was super cool to meet all of them as they are all wonderful people that I am looking forward to creating great friendships with throughout my time in Seville, and as a bonus they all speak way better Spanish than I do so they can help me practice. After lunch it was time for a small nap, and then the night was finished off by getting back together with the other students in the SAIIE program for a nice dinner.

Saturday was also full of many adventures. Saturday morning us guys went and got breakfast and then just explored the whole city, doing some shopping and watching so street performances. I was able to stop at an H&M and do my first little bit of shopping in Spain as I needed to buy some black t-shirts for my internship. For lunch we supported the local community buy eating at my landladies daughters pizza shop called, "Pizzeria La Portena", which was really good and a place I will be going back to in the future. After lunch I took another short nap, and us guys went to a park and played some futbol with some local kids. We ended the night off by getting dinner as a group.

Finally, Sunday hit and it was a more exploring type of day. Started off my morning by sleeping in, and then meeting up with Sam to walk down town Sevilla to see some of the final contestants finish off there marathon race. This was awesome to see!! In my future I want to run a couple marathons, so it was cool to see what a marathon atmosphere looked like as there were people running from all over the world in Seville's marathon. We then had brunch as a whole group at another cute little local restaurant called, "Billy Brunch." After brunch we spent the whole day walking around Seville and doing a variety of things like visiting Plaza de Espana, until we all headed home to have dinner with our landlady's. 

What a first weekend it was in Seville. Can't wait to see what my study abroad experience has entail for me next.



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